Thursday, July 11, 2013

News Articles for Kids

Among what I feel like are thousands of things going through my mind for what I want to do this year in 3rd grade science and social studies, I keep coming back to the importance of not just incorporating complex text into my curriculum but trying to stretch myself to the point that I am starting with a complex text and moving toward my curriculum from there as endorsed by the Common Core State Standards.  With that said, it is overwhelming to think how few materials my new classroom has to offer.  This morning (as part of my "Starting Over" post) I have been searching for FREE, high quality sources of informational text for my students and thought I'd share them.  Some of the articles are above 3rd grade reading levels but are still useful.  I'm imagining the possibilities of the ways I can use these resources for centers! - requires a subscription but it is still free - articles include questions and writing prompts

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