Thursday, July 11, 2013

Starting Over

Yesterday I mentioned to someone that I am stressed out because school will be starting in just a few short weeks and I won't have all of my lesson plans laid out for the entire year before school starts!  Of course the person laughed in my face and I was half kidding, but I really was only half kidding because I do feel the need to be prepared.  I thought I was getting there, but realized last night how far away I am ...

Last week I started working on a plants unit.  I set up a wonderful template in SMART Notebook for the lessons, videos, experiments, resources, center ideas, etc. and felt like I was in my groove.  But it hit me last night that I haven't been very smart with what I've worked on so far.  I've put all this effort into my first science unit without considering my "big picture" for the year and on top of that, it's like I've decided not to teach social studies with how little attention I've given it.  I am so disappointed in myself!

I know that at some point this summer I looked over the proposed new social studies standards for Tennessee, but this morning was the first time I really did a side-by-side comparison of the old and new.  I had no idea how much more in-depth the geography focus has become!  But at the same time I was excited because I immediately remembered the wonderful professor I had in college for Geography and Geology whose awesome teaching made me think these subjects rocked (pun intended)!  Time to bust out my college class notes and get some pointers from a pro!

So with all that said, I need to go back to the plan of attack I follow when changing curriculum:
1. Set up a word document with my scope and sequence.
2. Include links or notes in the document for great generic resources.
3. Start adding links or notes in the document for topic-specific resources.

Here I go ...

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