Sunday, March 12, 2017

The Only Thing Constant ...

Each year brings change.  This past year is no exception.  Clint traded the classroom for an assistant principal office.  I left a job teaching 3rd grade math in one district for a job as instructional coach at a high school in another district.  The change for me has been great both in magnitude and in attitude.

Initially, I wasn't sure how receptive high school teachers would be of my elementary background.  However, I've been pleasantly surprised that they welcomed me with open arms (and doors).  I attribute this to approaching teachers in almost every initial meeting with appreciation of their strengths and recognition of their incredible content knowledge.  After all, they spent almost their entire undergraduate careers focused on building content knowledge, and they are the experts.  What I quickly discovered though is that these content masters got little to no training in instructional strategies and pedagogy.  They are well aware of this fact and most of these secondary teachers are hungry to learn more.

It has been a wonderful learning opportunity for all of us as we venture through this together!  I look forward to sharing some of the strategies and processes I am finding successful in this work.

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